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Carbon Services

Ata Marie has provided a wide range carbon services to a range of international donors, carbon investment institutions, and forest land managers. We have experience in developing carbon projects, completing field requirements for forest inventory, peatland soil survey, environmental impact assessments and community engagement. To date we have been involved in over 30 carbon related projects over 8 countries. The company had completed Project Design Description Documents (PDD) for both the Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) through the carbon crediting verification stages.

Ata Marie uses industry best practice methodologies and technologies to develop and manage carbon projects. Technical capacity includes:

Ata Marie supports carbon project development through the following stepwise approach.

Step 1: Identification of forest carbon project opportunities

Ata Marie supports forest and peatland carbon project development through a stepwise approach to identify, assess, design and implement forest carbon projects. Identification of potential project sites uses Ata Marie’s in-house National Carbon Database  that maps land cover, soils, land tenure / licensing arrangements, and estimates project level forest and peatland emissions reduction potential. Clients can indicate preferred project locations, characteristics priorities.

Step 2: Preliminary assessment and modelling of projects using Project Idea Note (PIN)

Ata Marie assists clients to conduct preliminary assessment and modelling of projects and then document the results in Project Idea Note (PIN). The PIN is an industry recognized bankable document that provides a brief summary of the intended project objectives,  determines the main features of the project, the parties involved, and the proposed project activities. The purpose of preparing a PIN is to confirm that the project meet applicability conditions for the selected carbon project standard (e.g. VCS, Gold Standard), that it complied  with the eligibility criteria of the Standard, and that the aims and activities of the project are realistic. The PIN usually includes a high-level financial analysis and a budget for the subsequent steps.

Step 3: Project design and documentation 

Ata Marie Designing projects and preparation of documentation required to successfully register a project under a nominated standard. Carbon project design will generally include the following:

1. Design of project activities according to the requirements of different standards, for example: 
           Afforestation, Reforestation and Revegetation (ARR)
           Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD)
           Wetlands Restoration and Conservation (WRC)
           Improved Forest Management (IFM)
          Agricultural Land Management (ALM).


2. Implementing carbon stock assessments to estimate biomass and soil carbon stocks. 

3. Implementing environmental and social assessments

4. Design of environmental and community engagement components of carbon projects. 

5. Emissions modelling to determine baseline and project emissions profiles and estimate emissions reductions from carbon projects.

6. Modelling of projected cash flows and project financial performance

7. Preparation of Project Description documents. Ata Marie prepares all documentation required to successfully register a project under a nominated carbon standard such as the VCS and the Gold Standard.

Step 4: Project implementation 

Ata Marie has extensive practical experience and expertise in land and natural resource management required to implement forest carbon projects. We have extensive in-line house management experience in land and natural resource management over large land and forest areas in Indonesia including South East Asia, New Zealand, Africa, and South America. In addition, Ata Marie provides technical expertise in planning, monitoring, and reporting on implementation progress.

Step 5: Carbon Credit / Offset Sales and Marketing 

Ata Marie assists clients to deliver high standard and compliant offsets to the market. We can tailor and structure offset sales to meet a wide range of needs in voluntary trading.


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