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Delivering world class IT solutions for forestry and agribusiness sectors. We understand the needs of these sectors and deliver practical solutions that meet our clients needs using world leading technologies.

ATA MARIE has a suite of products that incorporates powerful database applications that can be delivered through client networks, mobile or the cloud. 

ATA MARIE designs, develops and deploys a range of IT and communications solutions for the management of natural resources, harvesting and transport logistics, and processing sales systems.


ATA MARIE is an industry leader in developing powerful software systems for Forestry and Agribusiness. It has been developing IT solutions since 1996 (originally as Forestech Research and Development Ltd) and its software is in use by Governments and companies throughout the world.

ATA MARIE has developed a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions that can be configured to the specific operational requirements, infrastructural configuration and human resources of each organization.


  • Natural Resources Management - Mapping, measurement, and management of forests and crops.


  • Natural Resources Logistics - Harvesting and transport logistics including complete chain of custody and product traceability.


  • Processing - Process control systems for wood and food production including complete chain of custody and product traceability


  • Business administration - Supply chain, procurement, sales and marketing, human resources, financials. 

Global ERP 

Ata Marie has over 25 years experience in the IT Systems development for the management of natural resources and commodities resources, with over 100 installed applications in 20 countries, for Government and commercial clients.

Ata Marie uses Global ERP, an integrated and configurable set of digital tools that incorporates inventory and order management, accounting, human resources, customer relationship management (CRM), and more, into one complete system to streamline processes and information across the entire organization.

Global ERP provides comprensive organizational management functionality and is easily configurable, flexible and scalable. 

Global ERP has been deployed around the world at numerous sites for a wide variety of industries including forestry, fishing, arable and pastoral agriculture, mining, food and industrial processing, engineering, commodity trading and retail business.​

Types and locations of Global ERP implementations

Global ERP Modules 

Global ERP comprises 9 core modules that supports all aspects of organization and business management. These modules are:

  • Institutional organization / Human Resources

  • Remote sensing and mapping

  • Production planning

  • Logistics / Traceability

  • Stock control and management

  • Financial management

  • Relation management

  • Security

  • Auditing and quality assurance

Ata Marie systems are configured to the specific requirements of each sector and client, whether they are a Government Agency, a fishing fleet, or a food processing business.

All Global ERP modules can be deployed as PC, client server or cloud solutions. All field operations can be supported through mobile applications. 

Global ERP Functionality 

Ata Marie delivers customized solutions to meet our clients' individual specialist needs. Each module is customized to the individual requirements of each clients as individualized applications.

A list of some of the application functionalities we have supported in the past is provided below.

Natural Resources Management

  • Remote sensing and mapping

  • Growing stock measurement and assessment (trees/crops/fish stocks) 

  • Growth and yield modelling

  • Production forecasting

  • Operations planning and management

Natural Resources Logistics

  • Harvest planning and management

  • Transport planning and management

  • In field stock management and chain of custody


  • Production planning and management (including production to order)

  • Materials management and stock control

  • Chain of custody

Business Administration

  • Financial accounting systems including -

    • General ledger

    • Budgeting and forecasting

    • Accounts payable

    • Accounts receivable

    • Stores and purchase order management

    • Payroll

    • Vehicle running accounts and engineering / maintenance

  • Health and safety management

  • Environmental management and reporting

  • Compliance and certification

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