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Providing World Leading Technology

Ata Marie supports the design and implementation of world class IT solutions, focussing on rural based industries in emerging economies (forestry / agri-business / extractives). Our clients often face significant capacity and infrastructural challenges, and we provide proven, reliable and practical solutions, often where other organizations have previously failed.

We have over twenty five years experience in systems development and design, with over 100 installed applications in 20 countries, for Government and commercial clients.

Who do we work with ?

We offer leading technical services, focusing on developing countries and emerging markets. We work as trusted partners for numerous organizations, supporting them to achieve their objectives, in often challenging operational environments.

Ata Marie provides technical services to a diverse range of clients including Governments, international agencies (e.g. ADB, World Bank, EU, NZ Aid etc), resource management companies and NGO's (e.g. Greenpeace, WWF, IDH, TFT etc).

Ata Marie has undertaken IT projects in Asia, the Pacific and Africa. Examples of IT services we have successfully delivered include:

  • Ata Marie has designed, developed and implemented natural resource management systems for management of forests, plantations, farms and fisheries.

  • Ata Marie has designed, developed and implemented logistics & production systems for forest and agricultural operations, transport systems for vehicle scheduling, goods pickup and delivery, vehicle fueling and maintenance, and stock production and control.

  • Conducted systems reviews and design specifications for companies in plantation management, pulp and paper, sawmilling, wood panels, food processing sectors.

  • Developed compliance management systems for regulatory bodies (legality verification and compliance) and voluntary compliance (e.g. ISO, FSC, GHG Protocol).

What we do

Ata Marie aim is to provide powerful and practical IT solutions for rural based activities. We have a real understanding of the special needs of forest, farm and extractive enterprises. We know the infrastructural, communications and capapactiy challenges they face. We have developed robust practical and proven solutions to meet these needs and overcome the challenges.

Ata Marie supports the full spectrum of IT Services including:

  • IT Systems Reviews / Needs Assessment – Ata Marie provide expert reviews of companies and prepare needs assessments reports. This service provides practical advice about the type of systems that our clients need to manage their activities.

  • Solutions Design – Ata Marie management experts develop the specifications of systems that define the functionality and design of the recommended solutions. Clients have all the design specifications to build new or configure exist systems.

  • Application Development – Ata Marie has its own suite of database, mobile and web applications that can be configured to each clients exact situation. Ata Marie has been delivering IT applications for over 5 years and has successfully implemented its software around the world.

  • Support and Maintenance – Ata Marie provides full 24/7 support and maintenance services for all its IT Systems.

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