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Management Services

Enhancing operational performance of commodity-based companies for greater efficiency, profitability and sustainability.


ATA MARIE provides management support to companies operating in developing countries in Asia, the Pacific and Africa. Our aim is to improve the performance of our client’s businesses so they achieve their productive and economic potential 


  1. Technical auditing and benchmarking for efficiency, quality, operational processes, management structures, and strategic development.

  2. Management contracting – direct management of plantation operations including management of nursaries, plantation establishment / maintenance and harvesting operations.

  3. Project sourcing and acquisition – assisting companies and/or investment firms in sourcing, assessing and acquiring commodity-based assets.

Maximizing Operational Potential

Ata Marie maximizes client business potential through capacity development and managed services contracts. We provide recruitment services, training, mentoring, standard operating procedure development, contractual agreement support, auditing, the development of management plans, and active management of assets and operations. 

Ata Marie staff are experts in a wide range of forestry and agribusiness fields. These include natural forest management, forest plantations for wood products and biomass, rubber, oil palm, cassava and sugarcane.

Direct management expertise includes the preparation of business and operational plans, land preparation, crop establishment and maintenance, harvesting and transport. Our staff have formerly held senior management positions in some of the largest natural resource firms in the world.

Chainsaw training  in Kalimantan Timur, 2017

Who do we work with ?

Ata Marie provides management services to firms managing forests, rubber, palm oil and other plantation crop estates. Examples of management services we have successfully implemented include:

  • Regular independent technical reviews to a range of clients in the forestry, biomass and rubber sectors. Technical reviews and practical recommendations are presented to company senior management who then are responsible for implementation.

  • Operational training for a variety of work activities, including community engagement, management planning, resource inventory, surveying and mapping, crop establishment and maintenance, harvesting and transport, and infrastructure development. Our capacity building programs have not only led to significant operational performance improvement, but also achievement of significant gains in sustainability, legality and ethical performance of our clients.


  • Training courses for tree felling & extraction. These have resulted not only in increases in worker productivity but also significant improvements in worker health and safety.


  • IT system requirements analysis for our clients. Since we have expertise and experience in both IT development and operational management, we can identify the most relevant IT solutions and best & most appropriate technologies to meet the operational requirements of our clients.

  • Engagement to directly manage plantation maintenance and harvesting operations. Usually these services are required during start-up periods when companies do not have existing and experienced staff to establish operations. Ata Marie recruited staff and then took over management for the initial start-up period. We then managed the handover to the permanent management team.

Day 7-57.jpg

Designing bamboo harvesting systems in Ethiopia 

Preparation of sustainable forest management plans

What we do

Ata Marie Management Services range from the provision of independent advice through to active management of client operations. These services can be conveniently categorized as:

  • Technical auditing / management review – Ata Marie management experts can independently review our client’s operations and prepare recommendations for improvement of operational performance.

  • Capacity building – Ata Marie management experts provide training and mentoring support to our client’s operational staff.

  • Active management – Ata Marie assists in recruiting staff, building management teams, and actively managing programs and companies on behalf of our clients.

Management of plantation establishment and maintenance operations in Kalimantan Indonesia.

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