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National Legality & Log Tracking Program for the Government of Ghana

Forest Management


Fiji Hardwood Corporation Ltd (LOGTRACK):

FHCL is the largest Mahogany plantation company in the world, with approximately 40,000 hectares of plantations under management, producing in excess of 70,000 m3 roundwood per year.

Ata Marie created the LOGTRACK integrated system for harvest management, individual log tracking, sawmill and molding production, timber stock management, timber sales and corporate financial accounting. LOGTRACK has been in use since 2005.

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Ghana Wood Tracking System (GWTS):

The Ghana Forestry Commission oversees approximately 5 million hectares of natural forests and plantations and manages a national wood production of approximately 2 million cubic meters of roundwood per year.

Ata Marie created and deployed the GWTS, in close cooperation with the Ghana Forestry Commission. The GWTS is a comprehensive tool for forest planning, forest inventory, harvesting and transport chain of custody, mill chain of custody and export monitoring. This database is being deployed throughout the whole country. The field data capture uses a combination of mobile apps, stand alone PC apps and thin clients that replicate to a central national database. 

These systems were developed in compliance with EU VPA and FLEGT requirements. The GWTS was the first successful implementation of a national level log tracking system and is seen as the leading technological solution of its type.


Log Scaling Operations in Western Region, Ghana

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Forest to Mill to Final Point of Sale - Mahogany Supply Chain Management System in Fiji

Fisheries Management

Fleet Management System: 

Our systems are used by firms operating fishing fleets in the South Pacific. The system manages vessel operation and maintenance, crewing, catch management, processing and sales.

These systems have been configured to meet the complex requirements of coordinating fleets of fishing vessels, and meeting the requirements of downstream processing facilities and market demands. The system can utilize both conventional mobile data services for inshore fishing and satellite communications for off-shore fishing. The systems prepare real time reporting to Governments to meet their regulatory reporting requirements.

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