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 Our Services 

  • Real time traceability and legality tracking solutions

  • Forest and crop asset registers

  • Environmental and social management and monitoring systems

  • Operations planning, production and control systems

  • Mill MIS systems including on-line sales and marketing

  • Feasibility studies and Due Diligence

  • Asset Valuation

  • Benchmarking

mnrf-sustainable-forest-mgmt-carbon-storage 2.png
  • Visiting agent, operations audit and management review

  • Training and capacity building

  • Management of forests and plantation crops. 

  • High Carbon Stock (HCS) & High Conservation Value (HCV) Assessments

  • Assessment of greenhouse gas emissions arising from land use, land use change and forestry.

  • Community engagement and participatory mapping

  • Audits and gap analyses against global sustainability standards (e.g. RSPO, FSC, IFC)

  • NDPE Policy and sustainability roadmap development

  • Remote sensing, resource mapping and land use planning

  • Forest inventory and standing stock assessment in planted and natural forests

  • Growth and yield modelling, estate modelling and raw material supply planning

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  • Land use and land use change mapping

  • Forest and peatland field survey

  • Carbon project emissions modelling

  • Community engagement and coordination

  • Preparation of Project Design Documents and Monitoring Reports for carbon projects

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