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The Responsible Trading Platform (RTP) is a configurable set of digital tools for building trade networks. The RTP is designed to build digital marketplaces for trade in responsible and sustainable product.

The RTP allows buyers and sellers to connect in a safe, transparent, and user-friendly environment. The RTP has four core components for building digital marketplaces:

Membership: Market place membership management for user account creation, membership due diligence and trading using electronic wallets.

Trade Exchange: Mobile / Web application for market exploration, trade negotiation, sales contracting, and payment. 

Commodities: Control system for the registration of products, and establishment of  product specification and grading processes. This allows market places to control the standards and protocols for specification of goods in terms of type, quantity and quality.

Certification: Allows members of the digital marketplace to register environmental, ethical and quality certifications that apply to their goods. Accepted standards can be recognized in the marketplace, certification documented and certified product registered throughout the supply chain. This allows sellers to promote the legality, ethical, sustainability and credentials of their products.

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RTP supports trading of responsible products from the upstream producers to processors and to international markets

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