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Technical Services

Enhancing the technical capacity of our clients so they can manage their businesses according to industry best practices in operations management, community engagement and environmental services.

ATA MARIE GROUP provides independent and professional technical services in the Agribusiness, Forestry and Bio-Energy sectors. 

  • Technical due diligence, feasibility studies, and valuations to Stock Exchange standards.

  • High Carbon Stock (HCS) assessment

  • High Conservation Value (HCV) assessment

  • Assessment of greenhouse gas emissions arising from land use, land use change and forestry

  • Other climate change related services

  • Community engagement including FPIC, social mapping, community development.

Provisional of Independent Technical Advice 

Ata Marie provides professional, independent technical services to our clients in the forestry and agribusiness and bioenergy sectors. 

Ata Marie has conducted numerous consulting projects around the world. Our clients include companies, Governments, donor agencies, and non-Government organizations.


ATA MARIE's permanent staff of in-house consultants provide the core services of resource assessments, remote sensing and surveying. In addition, ATA MARIE has a roster of associate consultants who provide specialist technical expertize

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Who do we work with ?

We offer leading technical services, focusing on developing countries and emerging markets. We work as trusted partners for numerous organizations, supporting them to achieve their objectives, in often challenging operational environments.

Ata Marie provides technical services to a diverse range of clients including Governments, international agencies (e.g. ADB, World Bank, EU, NZ Aid etc), resource management companies and NGO's (e.g. Greenpeace, WWF, IDH, TFT etc).

Ata Marie has undertaken numerous technical projects and is one of the largest suppliers of forestry and agribusiness technical advisory services in the Asia Pacific region. Examples of technical services we have successfully delivered include:

  • Ata Marie has conducted numerous valuations, for companies listed on the Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as for unlisted companies.

  • Conducted due diligence on the majority main forest plantation companies in South East Asia. These due diligence usually incorporate remote sensing and mapping, field inspections, production forecasting and detailed economic analysis.

  • Implemented numerous carbon stock assessments in Asia and Africa for forestry and palm oil enterprises under various standards including HCS-A, LULUC, RSPO and GHG Protocol. 

  • Conducted natural inventories and soil surveys througout Asia, the Pacific and Africa.

What we do


Ata Marie Technical Services include a spectrum of forestry and agribusiness technical services. These services can be conveniently categorized as:

Commercial and investment advice – Business evaluation and analysis services:


  • Business concept development

  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility assessments

  • Preparation of bankable reports

  • Asset and business valuations

Resource assessment – We have a large team responsible for assessment of forests and agricultural assets:

  • Organization of remote sensing surveys (aerial photos, satellite and LiDAR)

  • Remote sensing, image analysis, and photogrametry

  • GIS and mapping services

  • Field inspections for forests and agricultural assets

  • Soil survey and site potential assessment

  • Growth and yield analysis, production forecasting

  • Integrated land use planning`

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Responsible land management services – Assisting clients to meet their environmental and social responsibilities:

  • Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA)

  • High conservation value (HCV) assessment 

  • Participatory mapping, community consultation and FPIC.

  • Monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV)

Emissions reporting and climate change services:

  • ​Reporting of greenhouse gas emissions arising from land use, land use change and forestry under IPCC and national standards

  • High Carbon Stock (HCS) assessment

  • RSPO related GHG assessments

  • Other climate change related services

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